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Wings for Life World Run

Wings for Life World Run

World Run- MAY 8th

"What if you could get the whole world running? Everyone, worldwide, on the same day, at the same time. A race of epic proportions with just one lone runner left at the end. A world run. But could it be done? It could."

Nothing quite like going for a morning jog a 4am with hundreds of awesome people who are helping raise money for spinal cord research. Be one of em!  Come with me and run for those who can't!!! Santa Clarita

Andorra- World Champs final...

Final race of the International calendar went high into the Pyrenees Mountains, down steep, technical terrain of the Andorran landscape. With a bit of nasty weather all week, the course had a few challenges with traction, but it was the relenting grade and length that were the hardest feat.