MAY 8 2016 EVENT!!!

Anybody like running? Mark this event on your calendar, May 8th I used to run so much as a kid playing soccer, but have been pedaling just slightly more these days:) the Wings for life run was an inspiring event last year that it got me kinda fired up to run in general. About 7km in when I started to get a bit stiff from using muscles that hadn't got much use like this I looked around at people charging hard and went further. Got to 10k, which is decent for a first time. I will be back again to help raise money and awareness for spinal cord research!! 

I think everyone has been touched by someone with a spinal injury, and it feels really good to be a part of a cure. Paul Bass, Tara Llanes, Rene Junga, Aaron Chase, Stephen Murray, etc.. Some problems just need money thrown at it, this is one. 

I am going to the Santa Clarita event, but everyone all over the world starts at the same time in various places. Biggest race of all time really. Something like 4million euros were raised in one day last year for a good cause. A bunch of my fellow Red Bull athletes were there and it was a lot of fun. If someone reads this and wants to come with me, I would be honored!!!. THe winner went 79.9km before the chase car caught up, no need to go that far, but you could if you could:)


Wings for Life World Run: Running for those who can’t.

It all started with a simple but intriguing idea on a layover at Moscow airport: What if you could get the whole world running? Everyone, worldwide, on the same day, at the same time. A race of epic proportions with just one lone runner left at the end. A world run. But could it be done? It could.