VAL DI SOLE, ITALYWe just finished the 2nd day of riding adn qualification here at Val Di Sole- (Valley of the Sun) in Italy. I've got some special requests put in that it says sunny for race day, hard enough, don't need anymore factors:).  I've been loving the track, not too often we get to ride here, so making the most of it is key. It is hands down one of the most relentless courses of all times. I have blisters on my thumbs from holding the grips, just lots of big hits and holes, constant bumps. Takes a bit of patience this track, so been sort of easing into it, even the shadows keep ya guessing. The dirt has no compactness to it, real strange, like pete moss maybe? Just falls apart, making banking off the soil a bit of a task. The crazy part is though that you can't see so many of the sniper that lay beneath the loam. I don't really care though, good track to test skills and hold on. Strength and fitness is a big deal to survive the week.

Qualifying, for women. Ragot, Rachel, Pom pom. ... I was going decent, but had a crash at the end that took forever to get going again. One of those teetering- your up, then down, then caught in the bike on a steep hill up, down again, arrg like that 14th, but whatever. My last practice run today was sort of a reward in itself. Felt awesome, I was charging. Looking forward to race day tomorrow.

Bryn had a big crash yesterday and sort of tore the skin inside his lower lip, face-plant, and had a sore knee. His goal today was to just lay down a full run and build for tomorrow. All good, everyone is qualified, which is the point of qualifying.

Gwin took the win, minnaar, beaumont, gee, Remi Theiron.

Stevie smith didn't finish, hope he is ok,dislocated finger or something from practice. (Twitter news)

I haven't taken any pictures. No time. Too busy riding, resting, eating pasta, or soaking in the freezing river:) Life in Italy is pretty sweet. Everything is a little better in Italy.