VAL DI SOLE,  ITALY There are a lot of good things that came out of today... Cool to see Gwin lay down such an amazing performance... It didn't rain.. I had flashes of glory... got more experience riding steep terrain...we are in Italy. Etc.

Result wise though, not the best. I had a lame crash in the final, really wasn't happy to see my bike front flip and fling down the track 30 feet into catch netting, and then have to pick myself up and walk down to get it. But hey, maybe I should have been off the brakes a bit more. Got nasty bruises across my legs, could have been worse though I guess.

Bryn too, he had a crash in his run, right up top, so not even a split time to gauge himself.

Maybe we forget about this weekend, adn just gear up for Scotland next week. That place is much kinder. I liked riding here, it sets new scale in difficulty, Kind of makes any other track seem a little easier.

Congrats to Rachel too for a fantastic run. Cool to see, kinda:) . 1.Rachel 2.Pom pom 3.Ragot ...13. Jill

Men's 1.Gwin 2.Minnaar 3.Gee