For those of you who remember Beijing olympics, and my epic story to get there.... Arielle, my roomate at the time and good buddy missed going to China by one point. 4 years later, as of this week, she has secured her spot for the Oympics in London!!! I knew all along she was going to make it, but another sprint to the finish to get there. Just wanted to say Congrats!!!! And hope everyone who reads my website will follow her to Olympic glory as well- @AMV15 .!/AMV15

The rest of the team is still to be determined. David Herman is going, pretty sure Conner Fields, Alise, adn whoever wins the olypmic trials June 16 in the mens. Come on Mikey!!!. I will be at trials and keep you filled in. GO USA !!!! so stoked for everyone!! It's a sigh of relief once you make it. After that, it's easy.. Kinda:) YAYYYYY ARIELLE!!!!! So proud.