Slowly but surely our fleet of bikes for the year are coming to life. Organizing parts has been an ongoing process, but we did really well with product ordering and have built some incredible machines. Feel lucky to have the support that we do this year.

Our Aurums have been going for awhile, but they just got upgraded with some super fresh Shimano bits, you'll see at Sea otter. On monday I also built up my slalom bike from scratch, and am in love with it!! Bit of sun in Seattle, so I was outside with the dog, pumping beats, getting it done. The bike has a Short rear end and maneuvers obstacles better than any other 4x/slalom bike I have had, stiff laterally in the rear, and really light, get ready for it!!.

Sight xc bike too is such a balanced bike, that rips turns.. Everything is coming together. Leaving for Sea otter in a couple days. Standard route. Seattle, Bend, Santa Cruz/Monterey.

Bryn is back too!!! Added bonus. I had all his gear ready to go:) Team management.

Here are some pics of slalom birthday.