PORT ANGELES, WAOne of the best weekends of riding ever!! When the sun comes out in Washington there is nothing better. Dark brown dirt, big trees, etc. I'm loving riding, and making awesome progress with the DH racing. The Aurum is such a pleasure to ride. Fun to see all the locals as well, mingle, ride, hang out. We have a solid community at these events.

They have made a new trail for the GRT National race in a few weeks. I haven't ever seen it, but heard it's pretty steep.

Remi and I took the Wins in Pro. Leonaruzzi got his first win in cat 1 men- noice work. About 50 canadians in attendance, amped up to start the season. Congrats to fellow Norco Rider- Nick Geddes for his first race back after recovering from Leukemia!  I had some fast canadian ladies to race against, glad they came down/ Good times in PA. C ya.

Pro men 1. Remi gavin 2. Adam mantle 3. Luke Strobel 4. Tyler Alison 5. Dean Tennant

Pro Women 1. Jill 2. Holly Feniak 3. Miranda Miller

Full results HERE