Monterey, CA We just finished up slalom saturday with a nice little W!! 3rd year in a row for me. Kyle Strait with an impressive men's victory as well with a stacked international field. American Slalom domination today!

Our day was a 9am- 6pm. Not riding that whole time, but at the venue in the heat all that time. So glad to have the sprinter; its a nice little haven of air conditioning, sleeping, and snacks when needed. Close the door and get some rest:) Had to have been like 85-90 degrees today.

The Norco crew looked after us, bike pushing, fixing, water, etc, such nice people, thanks to Jonathan, Pete, PJ, Mike, Dustan, etc. Also thanks to our sports psychologist- Dr. for being here and helping out.

Bryn was riding awesome, qualified 3rd early on. Mic Hannah was 1st, Jared 2nd, Bryn 3rd, Minnaar, Kyle Strait. etc. The racing went down pretty different than that. Bryn and Jared both had bad luck in the first round, bryn rolled his tire off, jared crashed and got his head stuck in a gate. Rounds went on, and people kept getting eliminated. Kyle strait prevailed in the end!! Which was awesome to see!!! Troy Brosnan 2nd overall, cedric 3rd, danny hart 4th. So fun t watch.

I took out a three- pete! Felt good all day, love slalom. Buhly and I had our epic sea otter slalom final battle. She took out 2nd, Manon Carpenter 3rd, Steffi Marth 4th.