Today was an awesome day compared to yesterday's mudfest!! Still muddy as hell, but the puddles disappeared in most spots, ruts and holes were there the whole way though. no rain or mist in your face which make it so nice to be able to see. This place has it all- High speeds, rocks, roots, and everything else you want to put into a wild rodeo ride down a hill. That quali run was my first non fog run. It's been so dense that you can't see the ground from the chair lift! Haven't done too many runs yet, can count them on one hand. Body felt ok today, so that was fantastic after the carcus I had yesterday. My crash today was super lame , into a big slop mud bog, but I'm still in the mix for sunday.

T-mo and Minnaar won quali's convincingly today. They were looking good, and have both won here before. Big risks going that fast, but it held together. Gwin and Pugin 2nd, Bryceland and Rachel Atherton 3rd.

I ended up 7th. Rode the technical bits pretty good I thought, but didn't really let it roll in the fast bits too much, crash lost a bunch of time too. just wasn't feeling it quite yet. Qualifying is just that, make it into the top 20, although I'd love to get some points to loose my number 13. Have some stuff to work on. The ever changing terrain here should be drying up a little in the next couple days. Won the speed trap again, Woo!!