Yesterday was nice and sunny, mostly dry besides a downpour during practice. Stage was set, track was running fast, no complaints really. Race run didn't exactly go as smooth as I was hoping for.... going good up top, till the turn into the hip under the lift. My from wheel slid out just before the take off, as I was about to pull up, and it was nasty. My body cleared the jump, bike hit the front of the landing ,  and I went tumbling down the hill near the berm, few cartwheels, kinda dizzy, then. Had to find my bike from up higher and carry on with a numb shoulder and a a bit dizzy. Almost went over the bars a few times after that not being able to hold on. Still managed 12th? and it's a bit of a miracle I'm not hurt, sore as hell, but no damage. gnarly high speed crash. FOr sure a little stiff.  Mt.St.Anne wasn't very kind to me this week, even though I loved her speed and technical sections. Can't wait to finish a run:( speed feels good. no more #13, up to #11, kicked that curse at least.

So stoked for Brooke McDonald, he is on it, and such a beast:) Seen him take a few slams and still pull everything together. Troy Brosnan's run was amazing, running at full potential as just a little guy 17 years old and growing still. Josh Bryceland, dunno how he pulled off the 2nd, so pinned obviously. Super weird to see Minnaar go down while on point for the win. Gee too with a flat. These guys are pushing so hard to beat eachother. Anyway, good stuff.