CRESTED BUTTEArrived in Crested Butte this afternoon after 4-5 hrs of driving form denver. Hot sunny weather, snow on the peaks, beautiful resort village, wildflowers,,, not too bad of place really.

Thunder Valley MX track was on the way outta town, an outdoor national is going on this weekend there, wish we could go watch the MX superstars doing their thing.

Anyway, back to reality, we are at some serious elevation 10,000+ feet out here in CB. Missed that chair lift up today for course walk, and ended up hiking/breathing heavily all the way up and down. Altitude makes you feel the same as some outta shape fatty, but we carried on up the mtn to have a look anyway. Course here is super duper straight forward. Very few line choices, more about riding with speed plus braking and pedaling. It'll be fun fast and hopefully not too dusty in my nose.

Anyway, we got a pimpin pad across from the pits, condo style, so I can't wait to get ater it this weekend. Thanks to Brad and Team Keene for taking me in :) Good times.

Oh, there is a slalom here too, but I am probably gonna pass. Normally I am all about slalom, but wasn't really a big fan of this course at first glance. Who knows, maybe it rides better than it looks,gonna take a hot lap for fair analysis, but gonna just try and save some energy. I only have my covert xc bike anyway.

The entire Yeti team is here racing, so Shaun O connor and Jared, plus the national team. That's good colorado support, plus khs, intense/xfusion/ddd, and the usual suspects at these ntl rounds. Buhly and Jackie are here for the ladies field. Most of the other top world cup guys and gals are resting up getting ready for Mt St Anne next week. I'm just getting in as much riding as possible, cause I love it! riding at altitude will help for next week too!! Feeling good on the bike, can't wait for Canada!!.