Race day And a seeding tomorrow. Been practicing away up here at 10,000 feet in the dust. Beautiful weather  in Colorado, bit windy, but nice overall. Parking lot looks like a camp zone, so many tents and campers, nightly bonfires, grassroots at it's finest. Course is a lot of fun to ride, but gonna be difficult to race Just with the air, or lack of , and the physical effort. I put in a couple full runs so far, and my lungs are hacking up all kinds of junk. Hard work , pretty flat near the end, so not only is there no oxygen, but you gotta sprint hard in a lot of zones. Not the most technical course, but good for learning efficiency, braking, high speeds, dusty corners and accelerating. Plenty of positive features to take away from any course really. Smooth is fast here, 3:40 something is an estimate of men's times, more for me probably...Feeling good, having fun. TR450 loves it.