Been hanging out in Denver for a couple days. Such a nice city, really like it. Buhly and a few homies live here, so we've been having a good time. Drove up to boulder too to ride at this Valmont bike park. Bit of a beginner park, but also had jumps an stuff which were fun. Leigh Donovan and her daughter grace just happened to be on a road trip through here, so we did some hot laps:) spent about three hours out in the baking sun, and have a nice sunburn to show or the effort. Good litte shred session with a ton of other pros and locals combined. Dunno if I would go back again, but it was fun for a day!

Up next, crested butte Colorado for the pro grt round/ mountain states cup. Looks to be pretty high elevation again, and pretty long track, so we shall see. Took awhile to get over the black lung from sol vista. Ol crusty butt sounds like a nice place, so can't wait.