SOL VISTA, COLORADOMinnaar and I took the pro wins and tons of cash at the Triple DHip event in Colorado this weekend!!! Kind of an undercover race, as the dates changed last minute, but glad I decided to go!! They ran an awesome event, getting the town involved, and crazy good prizes; full sram group sets for all amateur classes, and best pro prize purse in the USA- 25k all up.

Not a bad day for Minnaar taking home $7600 for the men's win, 2nd-Mick hannah 5k, Neethling $2700, all the way back to 12th for the boys. For the ladies, we had a small turnout, and not as much scrill, but 2k is not a bad prize purse to take home, I'm stoked.

Think over the three days and 3 tracks I did 30 runs! Which is a shitload. People did even more than that I'm sure. Luckily the lift moves quick and the runs are like 3 min, so not too bad, but it was a solid effort of riding for one weekend.

Trails were a lot of fun and challenging , which is pretty good for a bike park. Natural terrain, not too blown out, good rock gardens, nice flow, jumps, etc. Chainless was my favorite race though!! It's not really a surprise minnaar won that stage, he is really smooth and big, carries good speed. Lots to be said for this kind of training.

1. Minnaar 2. Mick 3. Neethling 4.Mikey Sylvestri 5.mithc ropolado

1. jill 2.Jackie Harmony 3. Julie Olsen