Rainy muddy day today up on the mountain. Rare to see nore than an afternoon thunderstorm in Colorado, but the rain seems to be on a roll of constant dribble. Kinda make the sandy terrain better i think. There are some really boggy mud sections too. Usually bone dry and chapped with some sunburn, so being freezing cold all day was a surprise. With 3 different tracks to learn here for the omnium overall time, there is a bit of strategy involved with how to practice. Did a lot of runs cause its fun and easy to do, but took some contour footage too to help remember it all.

Wonder what the record today was, one guy did 15, but we ha practice from 10am-7pm. I got in 6 on the chainless track, 4 on the other one, none on the old ntl champs track from last year. I'm still feeling a bit tired from jetlag, add the altitude of 9000feet and it's big days.

Fun trails though. this chainless thing makes you think. Taking the chain off actually changes how you hold yourself without tension n stuff, braking is more important, smoothish lines, pumping- all good stuff. Lot of fun. There is a mini world cup crew, Mostly rock shox guys, mic hannah, Minnaar, Neethling, duncan, Mitch ropolato, etc. Lots of us guys too, not so many chicks:( but it should be an epic battle for the cash!!

Two races tomorrow, one Sunday....