Up next is a big cash money race in Sol Vista, Colorado this weekend. This is the location we had national champs last year, but the Bike park crew there was able to go to the city council and get $25,000 for prize money for the event, to stimulate the local economy. Racing is big in colorado, the Mountain States cups are almost as big as the nationals, so it should be a good turnout. Winner of this event will be taking home a bunch of scrill, but I guess it pays pretty deep, so a lot of people will get a piece. Minnaar, Giant boys, top US guys, and I will all be there.

Three race format, hence the name "triple" dip. one race is a chainless race! two regular dh races, on different tracks. Omnium format. Not too much info on the website, but, scheduling allowed this race to change it's date, which lines up perfect with the following weekend in Crested Butte, then off to Mont St Anne the week after..