FT.WILLIAM, SCOTLAND I finished 6th today in World Cup Downhill!!

Pretty good, had an awesome time riding and just being here. Didn't feel too nervous, was just trying to put together something worthy. It's nice to have goals to strive for again, Downhill is a wild beast full of close calls, speed, skill, fitness, loose moments, etc. Wish there were never any mistakes, but it happens to everyone.

These WC girls ride so well, the pace will keep on challenging me. Tracy Mosley, today's winner, has raced here since 1997 and won this course 5 times!!! SO she knows what the pace is, but it was still close between her and Rachel Atherton. Sabrina is usually a dominator, but looked a bit off. Pugin was solid as was pom pom.

My run was pretty dialled except for the bit in the woods, it was kindo of a 50/50 section. got it good every other time it seemed. slipped coming into both root bits and stalled out, foot out unclipped for days scootering along trying to get over it and the next uphill bit into the road gap was not stunning either, other than that, put in a good effort. Learning a ton as I go. Just the connecting pedals 1-2 outta berms with power, and linking sections together need some more attention. Maybe some lines too, but this track was pretty straight forward. Got my flow on, and has so much fun!!, so I'm really happy with the weekend!!:) 11 times down the course total.

America is getting back up there in the ranks. Gwin is doing his job, but had an unfortunate crash near the end. Still finished 5th. Brooke McDonald smashed out a ripper of a run for 3rd, and Danny DH hart was amazing. Such a drifter and loose unit. He is running near his potential, bit tidier and he'll have one of these.

Exciting stuff. Always a huge turnout of fans here. Bus loads pooling in all day!! dirtmag, vital, pinkbike, have the goods.

Flight in the AM to Munich- next week a different beast to tame in Leogang, Austria...Big thanks to Transition, Red BUll, our co-sponsors, Bryn, my Coach Scott sharples, and marshy for wrenching. c ya.

WOMEN 1. T-MO 2. Rachel Atherton 3. Pugin 4. Pom Pom 5. Sabrina Jonnier 6. Jill 7. Ragot

MENS DH 1. Minnaar 2. Danny Hart 3. Brook McDonald 4. Gee 5. Gwin 6. Cam Cole 7. Blenkinsop