LEOGANG, AUSTRIA Little travel day on monday, and now we are at the next round of the World Cup, in a vastly different location- Austria. Surrounded by towering mountains, green grass, ornate wood carved balconies, snitzel, off and on rain, and perfectly stacked firewood .

It has been a couple years since I was over here in Europe, but it all seems so much easier than it used to be for some reason. I'm pretty well a professional traveler. Did the solo journey -drove to glasgow, flew to london then munich, rented a car , and drove here on "z autoban" going moch speed. Doesn't seem right though that I am driving an american car in Germany when I drive German cars in America. Oh well.

Sun was out yesterday, so I used my time to do some hiking and get a feel for the place, till marshy and Scotty got here. Meet up with Billy from dirt on the way to my hike, so we scoped together. Check out his photos on the Dirt website .

Walking down the track, it is a steep one. Kind of had a nice feel though. It'll be real challenging, but I can't wait to hit some ruts. First minute may have my name on it again. Feels a lot like home actually. I think our buddy Luke Strobel is going to pull a major result, cause this is what we ride all the time, little rooty-er and worn in, but his style for sure. Glad Bryn made me ride exit 38 a bunch and get comfy on awkward terrain. Wish he were here, would've been a good one for him too:( Lets hope today/ tomorrow is the last of this rain.