First full run completed on the course!!! I am loving this track. Had the fastest top split in my run today, which is a small victory. It's pretty much a rougher looser slalom, and the first minute is kind of my specialty, the other 4 min are what I have trained so hard for!!! Stoked. Got a little balled up in the middle, had to make a quick pass on the rider in front of me coming into the woods, but the 5 faster seeded girls in front of me pulled quite a few seconds there in the middle. 6th is pretty good though. Should be clear tomorrow. Cool for Gwin to have such a ripper of a run. Think a lot of dudes were surprised how much faster he went than the guys that have won here in the past. Heard a lot of other stories about people flipping over the bars in the swamp section of woods. A big hole formed and sucked in a lot of front wheels, I pulled a one footer in there, garbage. Stoked for Luke Strobel, 10th today and gaining, keeping in real for NW...

It's been so helpful to have my coach Scotty Sharples here for support, as well as marshy tuning the ol bike.

Miss bryn though:( He would have put the stomp on these guys today. He and Mom finally got on a plane and made it back home to Seattle!!!

Race day tomorrow.