Had a good day today:) needed it. I love riding bikes and felt pretty good. Won dh qualifyier and giant slalom finals for the third time in a row!! Buhly was 2nd in both, but she had a slower rider to pass in dh through the rock garden which held her up a bit. So it'll be a good match up tomorrow for downhill finals.

In the men's field, Neethling won dh quali . He was the big winner here last year, so it makes sense. Gwin 2. Gee.3

I didn't actually see times or anything, even for me, so I can't tell you much, except it was really really rocky with a ton of square edges everywhere. Was glad to get down.

It's been disgustingly hot too. Saps your energy sitting out there all day. racing the slalom is not easy hiking up that hill, but it's so much fun. If there are ever more slalom events, I wanna know:) the best event ever would be a dh, slalom, pump track omnium, but organizers haven't figured that out yet.

Mitch ropolato won the men's slalom, 2. Sic mic. 3. Mikey Haderer 4. Lars. 5. Timmer

We made a bet with Mikey Haderer , and he has to shave his hair and face cause he got on the podium!! Should be sweet, he is a hairy man, and it' time to donate those locks for summer!!!! Steve, his dog, may or may not recognize him when he gets home.

That is all.