VERNON, NJ American sweep today!! Actually all weekend, which is the first time that has happened here. Gwin and i took dh, and mitch and i took slalom.

I had a flawless weekend which is satisfying to report considering our week. Didn't know if i wa gonna race, sat out the first two days of practice, but got in 4 practice runs the morning of qualifying on sat, and 2 this morning before the final race. Wasnt really expecting much, but had a lot of fun and was happy to ride. Not 100% a new track to me, rode it last year, but the whole bottom was different. Did it for bryn! There was no way I could lose.

Sunny day too which makes things so much easier without having to deal with rain and mud up in your face.

I'm real happy with the victories and $4,750, which is outstanding prize money- thank you us open!, But I'd be a lot happier if Lars hadn't broken his fibula in his race run, 2nd turn, and is at the hospital waiting for morning surgery to plate it. He rolled his ankle so bad that it snapped in the weakest part, docs said it is an easy fix. Poor lars though, stomp of doom. I was so excited to see him come down with a ripping time, cause he was riding so well, but the seconds kept ticking by:( heard the report from a downward lift passenger, and soon followed tears from his teammate. Unbelievable really, seeing lars in a broken situation, not as bad as bryn last week, but I was not expecting a repete.

I'm glad that I was able to hold strong for the team an get some good results, but man. So unfortunate for the boys:( my crew is down to just me. Lucky to have my coach scott sharples here to help. Was real nice to also have the owner of Transition out here to lend some support and look after us. Fox and Shimano too. All our sponsors! So it's not just me, but Its a little lonely in our pits now:( has results and pics. I didn't take any photos Later. Jk