Slalom is the best. Giant slalom may lack a little spectator appeal, but it's real fun to race I think. The course here is almost the same as years past, they just re routed the bottom and put the worlds worst jumps in there to the finish line. Jumps sooooo small for the lips, Gotta brake check fully or land into the face of the second jump. It's like a 6 foot jump going full speed with a lip for at least 20-25 feet. Track Is running about 37-40 sec. Mostly berms, I love power wheelies outta turns, plenty of that:) there is a crumbly layer of dirt which makes it pretty slippery. I actually had an incident in my quali cause of it. Can't push too hard, gotta just get the right speeds coming in.

Mitch ropolato won seeding as did I for ladies . Cut to 20 men, 5 ladies. Format For slalom race tomorrow, best of two runs.

The hike to the top is the hardest part, especially in this heat.

Men quali 1. Mitch 2. Sic mic 3. Mikey Haderer 4. Lars 5. Et

1. Jill 2. Buhly 3. Joanna 4. Jackie