Well I can't tell you much about practice, cause I haven't actually ridden the course yet, but Spent some time hiking and watching yesterday. Looks real fun, but I wasn't really in any state to charge down technical rocks.

If Bryn's accident wasn't enough, last night mom had a heart scare. Just extremely high blood pressure from stress/ travel/ business stuff. We as a family have been through this before, and it stirs up a lot of emotion for me as a human to deal with, can't loose another parent. Anyway, she is fine, got all checked out. Lucky she was in a hospital, with bryn, and they made her go see the dr. Sounded a lot worse than it actually was, her blood pressure was 189/90 all day pretty much, which is an emergency, but there's meds to keep that under control. She hasnt been taking them and it caused the spike with this stress. The pair of em can look out for eachother while I can't be there. Jeeze.

Bryn is doing way better. Got his cast off his arm, swapped for a new immobilizing brace, And is kinda up and moving between his bed and a chair. He's been cleared by p.t. , but is still in a great deal of pain. Think he can leave next week sometime when he feels ready.

I'm doing ok, just sitting out the dh till I feel more together. Gonna race giant slalom for fun, and will see about the dh tomorrow. Haven't done any practice, it's not worth risking my own safety till I feel ready. thx to all my friends and family who have shared a bit of the load with me, appreciate it.

Track here looks amazing.