FEMUR & ELBOW SURGERYGuess the world din't end today, but for Bryn it kinda did. He had fluke crash, front end slid on a rock, and he dropped from the air onto some rocks, causing a clean couple brakes in his femur (pictured left) and the little pointy part of his elbow to break off.

I came around the corner to hear him yelling and lars telling me not ot come over there. No words can really explain how that makes you feel when your teammate/best friend/ partner for life is down, clearly injured. He knew straight away it was broken, and his heart sank. So glad I was there for him, and everyone else who helped, homies looked after him:) Took forever for the ski patrol / volunteers to get things together and get him off the hill. Steep climb out, and the drive down the fire road couldn't have been any rougher. They sent him in a chopper to Albany.

He's had surgery  and it went really welll. They got the bones all lined up and hardware in place. Seems like the worst pain ever braking that femur bone, that's gonna be the hardest part to manage. Not comfortable in any position, right side not happy.

Feeling so devestated knowing he was closer than ever to his dreams, and they are now on hold for a little longer. :( Heal up friend!!! I'm at the hospital to make sure everything is going ok..

THx for all the well wishes:) update soon.. It's gonna be awhile till a full recovery recovery...

femur elbow.