Bryn got through his surgeries pretty well. The doctors got the structure back in place, but now it's a matter of controlling the pain levels, swelling, and his red blood cells. He is better each day, but I have never seen anyone in so much excruciating pain, femur is not a good bone to snap:( morphine doesn't seem to offer reliefmuch anymore either.

He's doing as well as he can at this point though. Had a good chat with our buddy Grizz who broke his pelvis last year at us national champs. And cam mccaul who did his femur last year too. They both had insightful stories :) having gone through similar scenarios.

No real word though on how long till he's back up to normal. No walking for 6-8 weeks:( since he's fit and healthy coming into this injury, he'll be quicker out of it. Think he just has to get the swelling down, and should be able to fly home in like a week, Or until he can get the staples out maybe, but thats not official yet. Few more days to know for sure.

Had some visitors and real nice cards/ well wishes. So thank you for the support , keep em coming:) although groggy, he appreciates it.

My mom is flyin out tonight from Seattle to take over my shifts:) I have to continue to handle business on the racing front. Pretty gnarley, but gotta do it on Bryn's behalf, and my own. That has really been the most difficult part for me. We ride together an spend every single day together, gonna be tough leaving my little friend behind:( I can do it though, and have more motivation than ever to do well.

I'll keep ya posted. He's just getting a blood transfusion at the moment from losing a lot of blood in surgery. Later.