PLATTEKILL MTN, NEW YORKMade a bunch of trips up the lift for practice today- super nice to have a lift!!. Little sun dried the track out quick, which is good cause we've been having a few thunderstorms, well a lot this whole week.

Track was riding really fast straight away. Run 2 I felt ready to go:) It's so fun mobing and going fast- lot of hoping and work that goes into this course to maintain speed though, so you gotta earn your speed. General theme is Traverses with rocks, into steep chutes. I got a couple little things to try tomorrow for bonus.

Bryn was looking real good out there, I was so impressed. All the testing we've been doing at home has given him new speed. woo! I tried to follow:)

Fun times in the Pits. Kirt, Colin Bailey, and Monk were cracking me up all week. We are growing tadpoles in our buckets, I fed em some lettuce, they got two days to turn into princes or we're out.

Practice and quali tomorrow, race sunday.