Photos: 1. Bryn shredding, 2. One of the owners of Transition/ media wizard Kevin Menard, 3. Estes- the MC, 4. Finishline area, 5. Danny DH hart- winner of Quali

PORT ANGELES, WA Another primo day out here in PA. Clouds have rolled in though and the forecast is not looking good for race day, but for quali we all had perfect dirt. Lift lines were a bit long this morning, but moved fairly quick. THere are a some fresh new sections that are kinda tricky. Track is sooo good though, just hauling ass and finding flow, better track than last years' event. Guess they maxed out on participants too, had to turn a few away, there are over 400 riders.

Team Giant took the 1/2/3 top spots in pro men's quali; Danny Hart 2.50.04, Duncan Riffle, Neethling- Little surprising, but good for them. Bryn was 4th, lars was 9th. Luke strobel was 24 with a big crash. Eliot Jackson was the fastest Yeti guy today . CHris Del Bosco is back to MTB after dominating Skiier cross and being an olympian/ champ at that. Bubba Warren was the fastest junior. Q was the fastest cat 1 Master:) , I won women's pro, Miranda 2nd, Jamie 3rd.

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