PORT ANGELES, WASeems like we have been waiting forever for this season opening weekend, but it has finally arrived. Sun was out all day too which is the first bit of sun we have had since arriving back to Washington. Doesn't take long for the dirt to be perfect either-one day of decent weather has made hero dirt out here in port Angeles.

Today was kind of a set up day, track walk, and some practice. Good to see people again, the crew is back together. Some world cup guys in attendance; bryn, luke, Danny hart, Neethling, duncan, jared graves, Shaun o Connor, etc. a solid field of national guys too; lars, Logan binggelli, Mitch ropolato, Eliot Jackson, memmelar, timmer, maybe a buel brother or two, jd, Cody warren is back, evan turpen, eric loney, Keene, Amado, brad Benedict, Kyle thomas, few wiley canadians, etc dunno all. Teams- Khs, intense/xfusion, giant, transition, mojo, etc. Hopefully the rest roll in tomorrow.

Haven't seen too many ladies though, buhly and I usually battle it out, and no sign today:( Miranda miller is here though, so that'll be fun now that she's all trained up and healthy.

Track is really really good today. Few new sections, which are all loamy and rutting up nicely. There is a mega ski jump kicker with a 50 foot line drawn for distance. Dunno about sending it that far, but I suppose with the right speed an bucking skills, anything flies.

I was having the best time ever in 2 runs. The difference in my set up from last year is a drastic improvement. Guess perfect conditions help too, but Fox has some new stuff that really has made an insane difference to my riding. Our testing in the freezing rain last week up north was well worth it. Justin at fox shox has done well with all the feedback and is pretty much priceless as the suspension tech. Nice to have him on our side- Well done !!

Anyway, not much to report, people are just Rollin in, sporting new stuff looking all fresh. We are in our territory here in the NW , so no better way to kick it off...later.