PORT ANGELES, WA First National race of the season done and, well mudded, cause there was no dust:) Weather conditions are a part of life, and it seems to always rain on sundays. No matter, came away with a big win on home soil and a great start to the year!!

Pretty long day of sitting around. One practice run at 9 am this morning, and I didn't race till 2:55pm. A lot of the cat 1-2-3 classes had dry conditions, but by about 12 it was pouring. Not that big of a deal in the NW cause the soil loves it, but kinda a big deal for visibility. Rain in your face is never a good thing while trying to pin it.

I had a few tear offs ready to go, pulled one before my start and they all came off. I'm So hopeless at pulling tear offs grr. Anyway, had a decent run going but felt less aggressive than I would have liked to be. Good enough for a victory though, so that's always a plus. Miranda was behind me, then Katherine short. The more full runs the better at this stage, it's on like donkey kong:)

In the men's field, team giant took 1-2-3 again, danny hart, neethling, duncan. 16year old richie rude took an amazing 4th on his new Yeti ride- junior shredder!!. Bryn came 5th but hit a tree - he's fine but disappointed. Lars had speed all week, but kinda had some squirrels in his britches- got squirrely:). Strobel crashed yesterday and hurt his shoulder a bit, not good, but will be ok, 12th.

Track was defiantly slower Rollin at the top, ruts were kinda deep throughout . Dunno, still pretty grippy, still on maxxis minions.

Seemed like the hecklers were doing their jobs. Megaphones, cowbells, mooners. http://www.vimeo.com/22224435

Funny as hell, kirt Voreis bought a cardboard lifesize cutout of the vampire characters from twilight, which was based here- There is actually a few fan shops in town. Anyway, sporadic placement, but vampires were hiding in all sorts of crazy locations on the track. Scared me a few times, especially when the sun went away...

Big thanks to our coach- Scotty Sharples of Race Brain coaching. He will be with Bryn and I at most of the major events!! For me, I perform better with his help. Extra eyes, knowledge, experience and wisdom!!! Scotty is the best in the Biz...

Pic of Lars shredding the bottom of the track..