Don't worry about the lack of content here, Pretty soon, you guys will get what you pay for :) and more... It's not all that easy to put videos and stuff together without filmers and photographers. It's sort of a DIY on the media front in the offseason, and I don't personally believe in making content just to make it, quality is more important to me. I should show you how my moto skills have improved though, I'm pretty proud of that. On the up side, Supercross is going strong, plenty of battles to follow. I'm not really sure who I am going for anymore, I have a lot more insight to the sport and industry thanks to Pulp MX, the Steve Mathes show, as well as racer X podcasts n stuff. They are pretty funny on those shows, good for long drives. SOmeone should do those for MTB, but more than 5 guys covered.

Turns out for the final showdown in Vegas for supercross, Travis pastrana is doing his first live USA nitro circus show in the same town same weekend. That would be an awesome weekend, holy crap!!

NBA is also fantastic, coming into playoffs in a few months. Lots of trades and general awesomeness. I love NBA a lot, follow it daily. I watch quite a few different sports, lots of parallels, but I like the technical side of BBall. Lakers have been my favorites for awhile, but there are a few other players and teams I love to watch . Quiz me, I got it down.

Anyway, that is all for now. I'm going to Thredbo this weekend for a state race and good practice on a long track-Shredders at Thredders