THREDBO, NSW, AUSTRALIAI've never been to an aussie state round, but so far I'm liking it. Just decided to come down for a bit of fun and practice with my pal Cillian who does the whole series, he won this race last year actually for Elite men. State rounds get a pretty big tournout, not so much on the pro front- handful of top guys, but the other classes are quite full. Cool to meet people that I wouldn't normally meet. It's also not as expensive to do these races as a national round, more practice,  closer to home, relaxed,,, similar to our little NW cups at home I suppose.

Nice little saturday here in Thredbo- birds chirping, river flowing, people playing golf, riding bikes, fishing etc, even added a bit more red to my face with a sunburn. Last time I was here we had torrential rain the whole time and had to hideout inside, so this is fantastic. Thredbo is the best resort in OZ, I think, kinda spendy but a nice place to come. The range in temps while riding the chairlift though goes from sweaty while loading, to frigid and windy near the top. Nothing like a blast of artic breeze to the face before you get off a lift to go ride..

I've been loving the track though, working things out, getting smoother sections, trying to go fast, hitting new lines:) Bit better than my last time here at thredbo last Feb or march. Dry dirt helps but it's cool for me to see my own personal evolution of my riding and Bike set up on the same track I started on last season. Anyway, just came for two days, sans Bryn, to get some longer runs and racing back into me, should be somewhat of a 6.30 to 7.30 min track, hopefully quicker but I have no idea really, but it's a long track, with plenty of  arm pump through this section called bunny something. Just switchbacky turns in the woods with holes and stuff halfway through. Pretty high speed and rocky in bits tooo, lots of turns that you have to get your front wheel up high and just tip or lean the bike over. Dirt was insanely perfect today as well which made me really pleased. Hoping for another day like this tomorrow. Tube-less is awesome too, saved a few near punctures I'm sure.

Cillian was looking good for a top spot, but I think broke his hand or ligament in his thumb on the last run, so my role as sidekick just upgraded.

Left early and decided not to race. Woke up in the am on race day to pouring rain anyway.

here's a random link to a helmet cam vid of the track