Here are a few more races in the USA this summer, for people interested... Mountain States Cups are pretty good regional events, easy to base in Colorado and ride a ton of bike parks, and still do competitive races. If you like high elevation, chairlifts, etc, this would be cool. Fairly unique dirt, kinda rocky, and not usually too steep of terrain, but it'a all real fun. The Crested Butte round is a national Pro GRT event, so that should be a pretty big one. Darner has his fingers in many pies, but does a good job running these events with their sponsors and partners. There are xc events in the mix here ( tt, Stxc, xc, SR, SD = super Downhill with ups n downs) so DH is the code for Downhill:) , DS=dual slalom, 4x =4x Later. ________________________________________________________________________________________