Here are some words from Bryn about the weekend in Adelaide...
"Just a quick update from a Big weekend at the Australian National Champs. It started out with a massive drive on Wednesday from home in Wentworth falls south west 14hrs to Adelaide, South Australia. The Downhill was pretty short, tight and basic, not really too much to separate the field as far as technical features, so right from the start I knew times were going to be tight. The weather was scorching hot down there too, like 35 degrees C or 97F.
Seeding on Friday- We have been experimenting with tubeless, and for some reason I lost some pressure in my tires. Anyway, I left the gate and noticed it right away, my tires were just rolling around a bunch.. Being a heavier rider, i tend to roll them off the rim if they are too low, so had to shut it down. The same thing happened in my final run, even though I double checked everything, but I just put it behind me, and pinned it. I put together a good final, and pushed all the way, but wasn't enough for the win.
Gotta be honest, this was an all or nothing event, so i was a little disappointed, but happy to be putting in good solid race efforts leading up to the season...
4 more weeks at home here in Aus, then it's back to U.S for the International season. Can't wait!
Thanks for the support! "
Here are some links to some video and photo's from the weekend-

Mic Hannah and Leonie Picton won the elite Aussie National Titles for the year. Bryn 3rd, . Jr Atkinson  8th. Stacked Aussie field. Photo: