RESULTSHad enough runs to need a good solid break from A-Line trail!! Kinda bummed on my run today, lost control on a high speed turn heading back into the trail off a fireroad and nearly came to a stop, back wheel over the top of it. Oh well, next year. Finished 4th by not much. Anne Caro won, Ragot 2nd, Rachel Atherton 3rd. Lots of women racers, which is always nice to see.

Lopes won his 6th Air DH in a row for the pro men!!. He's almost to whistler as Peaty is to Lisbon. Anyway, Bryn was the hero in my eyes, 4th today, and some of the nastiest scrubs both ways, fans were very impressed. Fans would have also been impressed by our pal Eliot Jackson, he's new to MTB, but used to race Moto, and is sooo good at scrubbing and riding, he and Bryn were having a field day yesterday. 1st Lopes, Sam Blenkinsop 2nd, Gee Atherton 3rd, Bryn.  Poor ol Kovarik, took a digger off the GLC Drop, which is such a crappy place to fall. THat is probably my least favorite part of the track. Anywho, all good.

After A- line, we went up to the pump track for practice. The race is tomorrow night. Super tight track. Mitch Ropelado was putting a stamp on it. It'll be a good showdown between him, brendan, Troy brosnan, and Bernard Kerr, I think.

Went to go see this Deep Summer Photo contest as well. 6 photographers over 3 days, put together a photo slideshow, and are judged. Really impressive work. I liked it a lot. Jordan Manly had such a crisp beautiful collection of shots. He is legit, and took the W. Our homie Sven Martin was in the mix as well, with sort of a racer perspective other than the freeride scenic approach, so there was lots of variety. Anyway, rad event.