WHISTLER, BCBeen a few days, but another race day today. This time Air DH down a trail called A-Line. It's mostly all jumps, kicky jumps that were not really meant for full speed, but its a good chance for some to work on scrubs and staying as low as possible. Being that I don't really ever pop jumps or anything, and am racer through and through, it's right in my little zone. The only thing that makes this trail pretty difficult, is remembering which jumps to break check so you don't die, and pedalling in every place possible for almost 5 minutes. I guess when you come to Whistler and ride this trail, it all seems pretty cruisy, but let me assure you, I'll be near blackout status racing this by the end.

There was rain a couple days ago, so pretty good traction yesterday. Sun is out today though and about a billion people have been riding this trail, so it's gonna get "drier than Ghandi's thong", nice?. Some people have 6" bikes, with single crown fork, semi slick tires, etc. and their hands are wrecked. I found that even on a dh bike, I gotta check to make sure everything is tight each run. There are serious chattery rough sections and holes in the turns. Not bumps that are, say, breaking bumps before turns in predictable spots. THey are in the exits of turns, or at the apex. I honestly have no idea how these holes even form, It's crazy. Bike parks.