Mitch Ropelado and I won the Pump track event last night! It was a super tight course, and the pursuit format was interesting, added a bit of suspense. We didn't get to practice how to start, but no hands or feet on the bike, 1,2,3, go! Kinda funky if you miss the pedal or are slightly off, just jump on and ride it. Single elimination format too, which meant one lap to advance or be eliminated. Seeding was kinda a factor to get through the rounds, cause you got to pick which side of the stage to start from. One side was kinda uphill, and had a harder turn bit.

So two competitors start going opposite ways, full lap, and the first person back to the stage won. Timers were in place. There were almost a bunch of collisions back on the stage, Chris Van Dine, with the most dynamic bail off of it. Vories also had some cat like moves off the deck. Couple guys launched onto the stage and nearly took a frontflip from the wooden decking overhanging the berm/exit a tad.

The showdowns were pretty good. I was kind of in awe of how freakishly well some of these guys rode the track; Danny hart, Austin, Mitch, Brenden,Troy, C-Dub, E.T. In practice I had some little gaps and manuals, but they weren't consistent or fast for me, but mitch and a few others were riding in such rhythm were able to jump through multiple sections. Troy Brosnan vs Austin Aldrich was super impressive, and the final Mitch vs Brendan would've been close if brendan stayed up. Both those guys pride themselves on their pumptrack backyard skills, so it was fun to watch.

Organizers were going for a "Bro-Down" kind of event, and there was some serious bro-ing down I suppose. Practice was the most fun, cause you could just ride and try stuff without being eliminated. Liked that the spectators could all huddle around and heckle for the finals though, and we all pumped around till we were blue in the face. 12.5-14+sec laps.

From the backyard to main stage. Just wanted to say thanks to my buddy Travis for having a pump track in his back yard, and letting me dig, and also Transition for having one at the shop. It's sometimes more art than riding, digging takes over and gaps/ transfers ensue. It's nice to ride without having to drive anywhere sometimes. later