Gee Atherton and Micayla Gatto won the Slalom last night. Good head to head racing, lot of tight battles to the wire. We ended up having only 4 ladies qualify. I had awesome practice and qualifying, then come race time, having to sit around I was just off my game, dunno what happened- made a mistake, and went to the small final for 3rd. Kinda weak, but losing sort of pissed me off enough to restore my motivation.  Gatto won some cash and was all psyched, so congrats to her.

Mitch and Gee were in the final, and I think if Mitch would've stayed up he was in it for the win. Bryn took 6th, we think. He was riding so smooth, super fast. Got knocked out by mitch in the round of 8. Slalom is the best type of gated racing, hands down.