- WHISTLER, BCSlalom is the first event to kick off Crankworx!!!. It is one of the best racing event here, in my opinion:); most people enjoy competing in it a lot, full cast of pros, fans can spectate the full course, follow the action, etc. They rebuild the course from scratch each year too, and this year the course is extremely tight and a little tech. You gotta find good rhythm to sinc up the turns. After yesterday's scorcher/ blowout, today has been mostly rainy, misty, nicely watered,,,Much better conditions.

Was a little surprised to see our little buddy Mitch Ropelado racing. He broke his collarbone at nationals a few weeks ago, if you remember. Anyway, got that all plated up 2 weeks ago, and is ripping this track apart on a single speed, single brake, kinda set up. Pretty rad, but what a maniac, qualified 4th by only a couple tenths. He actually had a crash this morning in training, landed on a rock. No problem with the collarbone, but I had to help him butterfly band-aid a big gash on his back.

Last year's winner- Kyle Strait, was seen with a cast on his hand, bumming. I know he was really looking forward to this event too, he  will have to wait till next year to reclaim that title.

Lots of international talent, should be good tonight!!!. Men's quali results go like this:

MENS SLALOM QUALI 1. Sic Mic 2. Stevie SMith 3. Gee atherton 4. Mitch Ropelado 5. BRYN ATKINSON :) 6. Lopes 7. ? Prokop?? 8. Troy Brosnan

WOMEN"S QUALI 1. JILL 2. Buhly 3. Ragot 4. Gatto