Photos: Ian Hylands, ROXBURY, NY Got into New York a couple days ago, spent 1 day/night in NYC living it up, did some interviews to promote these up and coming events, then Bryn, Lars, and Strobel arrived at JFK airport in the afternoon and we drove north to Roxbury for round 2 of the Pro Grt National series.

The 15 passenger van we hired wasn't available, so we are rollin in new chevy suburban. Pretty sweet untill you try to put 4 people and 6 bikes and all the bags inside, so we stapped Luke Strobel's Evil to the roof. He was a little nervous, but it made it all the the way no problem. Tightest pack job ever though.

Thursday, course walk. Lifts were open and the people who were ready were practicing. Should be a good field here on the weekend. We got our full team, Lars is back in action, Bryn, me. Trek has their DH team, minus Neko (their Junior rider who is broken), KHS, Team ODI, Strobel, Kieran Bennett, David K., Brad bennedict, and a bunch more. Not all have arrived obviously.

East COast has a unique feel for the riding. People have a lot of character, elevation is minimal, but it's still pretty good. A bit narrow of a track here, few drops, bunch of traverses, but it looks alright. Bit like trail riding some said.

800 feet of elevation drop, 1 mile long. It has been raining a bunch, but today was as glorious of a day I have ever seen. 80 degrees, sunshine, dry track, green grass…

Can’t believe how much grass there is here, and every single person seems to be out mowing it on their riding lawn mowers. Maybe a goat or two would save a bunch of time. jeeze. We are in the country for sure, and it’s really nice and spacious though. Streams, rolling hills, greenery everywhere, should be pretty good.