Had a good time in Ohio this weekend, the people really made the trip for me. Ohio Dreams, which is outside of Cleveland about an hour,  hosts mostly summer camps (similar to Woodward but smaller) so it wasn't officially open, but Red Bull got em to Open up and host some kids and other riders for the day to ride with me, sign posters etc:).

The compound has a ton of land, big indoor skatepark, plus an outdoor beginner one, full size bmx track, dirt jumps, ski ramps into water, etc. All the dirt stuff and pool weren't ridable yet,  so we were mainly inside riding park. Normally skateparks are not really my thing on a MTB with 28" wide bars, but I had fun and caught some vert:) . My bro would've been proud. Staff was awesome, good riders as well. THx to Ann Marie at Red Bull, riders for coming out, and the Ashcraft family  for owning a cool spot to ride.

Ray's had some new features since I had been there last; rhythm room, dirt room, new wooden pump track section. I spent some time exploring the place n riding a bunch of lines. Red bull Berm saw some action. It's a big wooden wallride/berm. I got above the bulls, which is pretty high, so I was stoked. Solid crew of riders there, place felt empty kinda though cause its so big. Dirt room was a good start. I would've liked to have seen a sick dirt pump track in there, but that's just me.

I did make the wall of fame of pro riders who have been there, so that was cool. Guess Ray is building another indoor park in Wisconsin near Trek, so he wasn't there. Keith, the new manager, was shredding, busted out a manual in the pump track over 4 deep rollers, I was impressed. He used to announce NBL nationals and race a bunch back in the day. Pretty good for an old guy:)

Not a bad way to spend a couple days en route to the east coast.