CHeck out the latest action from Maribor, round #1. Bryn said it has been the crappiest weather, super muddy, plenty of roots , steep and fast. True test to the best in the world. Greg Minnaar took the victory in the Men's class, followed by Gee, Brenden, a frenchy, and Sam hill. Bryn finished 12th, which is an awesome start to the season in these conditions. Jr. Atkinson, Rhys, had some bad luck and hurt his wrist in practice, should be ok for the next one though. Bryn sent a mini update, below. Guess this VOlcano has caused some more travel interruptions. I bought the pass on freecaster and couldn't watch anything, anyone else?

BRYN- "Sitting in the airport here in Vienna, my flight has been delayed and I have been re-routed.. + 9hrs to my trip.. Nice.

Round 1 of the World cup was on this weekend, in Maribor, Slovenia. Sloppy, muddy, conditions + 250 downhillers, made the track deteriorate so quickly. This was my first race with Mechanic Jason Marsh, we hit it off right away, and he did a great job, making things easy on me.

Racing went well for us. i finished 12th. I was 5th fastest at the intermediate split, and just made some costly mistakes in the last half which sent me back a few spots.

Back to America for the Pro GRT #2, and the US Open, should be some good times!"