Suspension is one of the trickiest parts of mountain biking. Getting things set up perfect requires a lot of attention to the detail. I have never done proper suspension testing, but learned so much today about the difference in compression settings, damping, etc. The engineers from Fox are here with clipboards, measuring tools, and advanced knowledge to make our bikes perform to their best ability for each rider. Big crew of World Cup riders, Trek, Yeti, Transition, Evil, etc. There should be public workshops for suspension tuning, maybe they are, but it helps a lot! I would have loved to know this stuff starting out, beyond the basics of sag and spring rates. Anyway, I was really impressed and changed what I thought was pretty good, quite a bit. Hi speed and low speed changes how the bike sits, how it absorbs hits, how it handles technical sections, high speed rough sections. etc. I'm no expert, but feel fortunate to have this opportunity to learn. Thank you FOX Racing SHOX!!