FRESNO, CA Made a quick little stop over at Sportsmobile after Sea Otter. The place is a super friendly family owned business that can build pretty much whatever you want as far as van conversions:) I got a Sprinter last year, and it has been the best thing I have ever owned or used!!!. Particularly nice on muddy days, you can hose off the bike, throw it in the back, change clothes inside, cook some food, and roll out. I have a little arrangement with Transition to use my rig for the US season here. Once you have one of these sprinters, it pretty hard to go anywhere with out it. Fresh wrap, but same glorious machine. All that I changed was taking the microwave out for more storage, some different pockets for shoes in the back, and rigged it up so you can watch movies on the front head unit as well as in the back- ultimate road tripper. Check out the new look. I worked on the design for our jerseys and the rig.