New Mexico is like another world compared to the Austrian Alps (where I came from), but for the Southwest the bike park at Angelfire is really fun, with over 60 miles of trails, 10,000+ feet of elevation, and one of the longest chairlifts in the world. Worth a visit.

Round 3 of the PRO GRT National series was here, adding some dusty rocky variety to the series, and a central stop in the country.

I am pumped on how the series is going, seems to be a lot of people coming to the rounds and supporting US racing.

I won the women's class, and Bryn was 3rd, which puts us both at the top of the standings with two rounds to go.

Pretty average coverage of the event here, but some inside gossip. KHS boys, kevin had a crash in practice on the day of finals and was a bit broken, Logan missed his start time and didn't get to race. Mikey Sylvestri was here. He is a closet Us racer with a bunch of talent, but lacks discipline to put it together I guess. A guy who is 7 feet tall won seeding- Higgins:) The guy who won the race, Shawn Neer, raced a yeti trail bike with a dh fork,he qualified 5th without a chain, which is so hot right now. Shane leslie was junior last year and won here, he was2nd. Bryn was 3rd. Warren bros, bubbs and Cody were in the top 10. Cody wins the fire road rolling contest, bubs is like 140lb and this track wasn't super tech, but bubbs is one of the best riders ever, just being silly on flat pedals still for whatever reason. Small riders should run clips to milk all the pumps and pedalling.

Jackie harmony just had a baby, and came 2nd. Dante jr is pretty cute, and they live at angelfire.