Well, I don't have much to say about my race run. Lost some time up top through the rocks and that was it, Happy to ride this course decently all week though. I felt pretty rad at times:) Val di sole changes your perspective a bit, makes normal tracks seem pretty easy:)  There are a  few positives to take away, so I learned a bunch , just disappointed to finish 12th . Will funnel that energy and keep improving, I have lots to be thankful for I suppose.

Tons of people got hurt over the 4 days, which is never fun to see. I wanted to push super hard and ride it fast, but missed a few lines and was a bit too conservative to do well. This course rewards the loose sketchy off the brakes moments, but it's a roll of the dice, dunno if that's really my style but it needs to be somewhere in the middle there.

Bryn had a big crash on the second day, and ultimately couldn't race. Hit his head on a tree, concussed and flipped into rocks into his back. Directly from my race run, we went to hospital and spent the night in hospital for him to find out he has a fracture on the transverse process of his L2 lumbar vertebrae. That's the best case in the spine really, its the little flange off the vertebrae and heals on its own no real problems hopefully.

Check out the soil.... Each run was a new line pretty much.