VAL DI SOLE, ITALYBeen in Italy a few days now. The course here in Italy is super unique, nothing really compares. It's steep, straight down the hill, very few real turns, rocks and roots at every point, no jumps. It's a very raw course that has been ridden hard for a few years. Even the new sections are beat after 2 days.

You take away a new par as to what is difficult after this. The dirt is so powdery as well and roots just seem to appear. Keeps you on your a game , that's for sure.

I'm enjoying riding it and rather proud of the fact that I can.  8th in seeding today. Will keep it moving forward for the final race. Qualifying had a bit of pressure just to get in smooth. They changed the ranking rules to some irrelevant world rank , so protected positions went to some people who raced in South America early in the year or OZ or the hundreds of races in Europe that have points. There is only one in america and that's in summer. I actually went backwards after placing in the top 10 last week at the first world cup, but working my way up is kinda exciting I suppose. Adds the element of passing sometimes .

Sort of a rough day in the office for some. Bryn hit his head pretty hard on a tree and slammed his back, so he wasn't up for racing today.

practice tomorrow am at 830 am. Race sunday.