MONTEREY, CA We are a few days into the Sea otter Classic, but the fun part has finally come!! Sea Otter Slalom day is tomorrow!!!. It's kinda like waiting for christmas, I love slalom so much. Course looks good, little tighter this year, but the same classic style that everyone is accustomed to . The course builder said it took him a week and a half to build a new berm into it, wow. Don't think there has been much moisture, so probably took awhile to pack it in, soak it, repeat.  Cat 1 guys raced today. Looked pretty tight, so should be fun.

In the mean time, we have had a couple days of dh practice. Tons of the world cup guys and gals:). Course is the same mostly. Seems a little easier, but that's maybe cause the ol 650 carbon Norco Sight loves it. Feeling good, DH on sunday.

Bryn and I came to nor cal a little early to get our pre-sunburn going, ride some trails, put in some suspension tuning with Fox, etc. Easing into it. Feels really nice to have sun after a long cold winter. wish us luck.