Pottery has been a part of our family for a long time, as one of my mom's best pals is seattle potter legend- Regnor. The only dishes we have at our house are made by him, so it seemed like a good idea to see some of the wizardry,  and make wedding pottery cup favors. It's been a fun project seeing all the stages and little tricks he has. Obviously Regnor has years and years of experience with the right clay, glazes, firing temperatures, systems, etc, so it's really all his doing, but we helped. think we have like 80 done out of 150 cups. Bryn and I recruited our friends at different stages, but production pottery is a lot of work. Put in some 4 hr blocks in between training, making 1 lb perfectly round clay balls. We do gruntwork, and regnor centers and throws a cup in like 10 minutes. Anyway, nice little side project, but I have a much grater appreciation for eating off our dishes, knowing the skill involved in making these little beauties:) Hope our pals will enjoy a little handmade love:)