SEATTLE, WA The nicest day of the winter so far was this Saturday for the Seattle Bike Expo. I have only ever been to interbike, so this was a little smaller, but in a good venue on the pier just past downtown Seattle with lots of bike loving individuals.

I was there to give a little presentation with Olympic and Paralympic medalists Jennie Reed and Megan Fisher. Seattle Bike PT- Eric Moen as host. Jennie is a Silver medalist Track Cyclist from team pursuit in london, and Megan is a gold medalist in road time trials from london, myself BMX Bronze from Beijing.

Both ladies had awesome stories. Jennie had been to 2 other games- athens, beijing as a sprinter,  and london she anged to be an endurance athlete for 12 laps as a team in a new event. They beat the odds against australia to win silver by.07 . She started a foundation to give back to cyclists Jennie Reed Foundation.

Megan was in a car wreck and nearly died, lost a lower leg, best friend died at the wheel, totally gnarly. She found bikes to be able to run her dog enough, and became the best in the world in her category. Thnk she also does triathlons, but for sure goes fast on a road bike.

My story was pretty sweet too, Blown out knee, made the team y one point, battled from last to take home a medal for usa in the inaugural BMX event, yewww!!. Yeah, good times sharing some memories with everyone.

Couple other fun events, Ryan Leech was there doing his trials show for Norco, Kat Sweet racing big wheels for Evergreen kids programs, some unicyclists kids doing routines, one lady who rides bikes with her 6 year old kids for hundreds of miles. Evergreen MTB alliance had a booth, Sea Tac BMX, there was a road bike classics show, our chiropractor was there from Inhealth:), Saw Whatcom county tourism representing bellingham area, GHY bike shop, etc. some food stops, etc. So a few homies in the mix. My pal Katie Holden and I had a fun time. Saw a couple of old pals from highschool too who ride bikes:)..