Been some nasty winter weather lately with the downpours, and cold weather but Bryn has been out filming with Bjorn for a bike video called Barred for Life 2. You may have seen Barred for life, or Elemental, both Bjorn films. Anyway, Cable cams, epic NW scenery, good trail crew, couple patches of sun amongst a lot of mist and rain, lots of hiking, a couple of flat tires in the truck, a blown up Saab, etc, but overall good times out in the woods:) I can see why rednecks love being out in the woods fixing trucks and rigging stuff up, good times. Bjorn had some truly canadian moments yesterday, bear hugging trees and shimmying up, a little acrobatics, resourcefulness, lots of exaggerated "o"s, and some real funny stories.

Should be a sweet little section of Bryn the ripper doing his thing. I was there a couple days to assist. It takes a lot of energy to make this kind of stuff happen. Carrying gear, pushing bikes, fixing up the trail having snacks and water, tools, riggin up cables, and of course riding. Many hands make light work, right:). Special Thx to Greg and Christian for the hard work, plus Paris Gore .

Here is a small preview from my Sony action cam.